Woobox and MAIS Platform Terms

1. Woobox Lite and Woobox Pro

When you purchase a Woobox Lite or Woobox Pro, you will need to subscribe to the MAIS platform for ongoing access. The subscription fee varies based on the number of boats being monitored. The initial cost of Woobox Lite and Woobox Pro units depends on the quantity purchased.

2. IDA Reports

We offer custom Initial Data Analysis (IDA) reports to address specific issues. The cost of these reports depends on the complexity of the problem being analyzed.

3. Subscription Details

Subscription fees for the MAIS platform are required monthly. Fees are determined by the number of boats you need to monitor and other service specifics.

4. Contact Information

For any questions regarding subscriptions or reports, please contact us at:

Rue des Bains 35, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland
Email: contact@wooboat.com

This Woobox and MAIS Platform Terms is updated as of May 16, 2024