We Present MAIS

MAIS (Marine Area Integral Surveyor) is Wooboat's platform for marine data visualization and analysis.

The MAIS platform by Wooboat is a comprehensive solution for real-time analysis and visualization of marine data for both non-professional/domestic and professional applications.

Step by step

  1. Installation of the WooBox
    We arrange for a professional electrician to handle the setup for you, ensuring everything is up and running smoothly.
  2. Gain Access to the MAIS Platform
    Once your device is set up, we'll activate your access to the MAIS platform. 
  3. Start Monitoring and Enjoy
    With everything in place, you're ready to track, manage, and optimize your maritime operations. 

The WooBoxes

We collect and send data directly to the MAIS platform.
  • 24/7 Active
  • Position System 
  • Tracking System
  • Control system
  • Video surveillance 
  • GSM, GPRS and GPS Network
  • Remote,  Alarm and Connectivity

MAIS Features

    Our maritime platform enhances boat management and navigation through advanced monitoring and data analysis.


Effortlessly manage and track your entire fleet


Navigate with real-time GPS and analyze past routes


Accurately track vessels using AIS data for insight

Geofencing Areas

Monitor designated areas with geofencing


Access real-time weather updates

Sailing Monitoring

Dynamically visualize vessel movements


Easily schedule maritime activities.

Report & Download

Quickly generate and download reports

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